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Too many people make the mistake of thinking that the court reporter industry is one that is static and plodding in terms of its changes and its innovations. The truth of the matter is that this industry, much like the legal world overall, is one that is constantly changing and moving forward. Those who make sure to remain up-to-date with regards to these changes will provide themselves with clear professional advantages. They will see forthcoming trends and they will stay ahead of the curve with regards to how they provide their services.

As such, the team at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC is writing a court reporter blog that will focus on news and events that could affect you and your career. We will provide regular updates with stories that relate to what court reporters do and any trends that should be noticed. We hope that you will continue to check back regularly to see what’s happening in the court reporter world. You’ll only have to look in one place for this news and you’ll stay on top of everything that’s happening.

Banks Must Allow Arbitration Upon Customer’s Request, Federal Appeals Court Rules

Earlier this summer the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit held that banks must comply with Financial Industry Regulatory Rules (FINRA) that require arbitration of all claims brought against them by customers. This most recent decision broke from two 2014 decisions issued by the Second and Ninth Circuits on the issue.  . Continue reading…

Right to Carry Gun in Public Upheld by United States Appeal Court

Earlier this summer, a federal appeals court ruled the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment guarantees a right to openly carry a gun in public for self-defense. The court ruled that the state of Hawaii overstepped its authority by regulating firearms possession outside of the home. The three-judge panel made the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals the. Continue reading…

Eleventh Circuit Okays Suspicionless Electronics Border Searches

Electronic device searches at the border is a hot topic, and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has recently addressed the issue. Notably, the Court has ruled in contrast to decisions in the Fourth and Ninth Circuits, holding that a search of an electronic device at the border does not require probable cause. Nor does. Continue reading…

New York Woman Shocked to Find Out Her Dog was a Rental

New York’s state attorney general has filed a fraud suit against The Pet Zone alleging its leasing option is misleading, according to news reports. The chains of New York pet stores has allegedly illegally sold hundreds of puppies and multiple allegations of fraud have been brought against them. The New York state Attorney General sued. Continue reading…


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