Celebrate International Women’s Day with Elizabeth Gallo

We always seek out to create the best experiences for our clients. Regardless what service they are requesting, EGCR is there for you. Our can-do attitudes are not the only reason why we are successful. There are several reasons why, but today, on International Women’s Day  one stands out.

A reason why we are successful: Elizabeth Gallo is a Woman-Owned business.

Celebrate International Women's Day with Elizabeth Gallo


Come celebrate Women’s International Day with Us!


We’ve even been recognized by WBENC as a Woman-Owned and managed business. Therefore, choose EGCR as your Court Reporting Company! Book with us Today!

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting’s Fun Legal Fact of the Week

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting’s Fun Legal Fact of the Week is here to help you get through the work week by sharing a random fact about American History, law, and more!



Legal Fact of the Week: The Civil Liberties Act of 1988

The Civil Liberties Act of 1998 came about due to the racism. To be specific, this act came about due to racism against Japanese Americans during WWII. This act was an attempt to amend the terrible experiences of internment camps faced by Japanese Americans.

The act would allow payments on average of $20,000 for each survivor. A total of 82,219 survivors benefited from the act.

The Civil Liberties Act was official on August 10th, 1988.



Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting: A Company You Can Depend On

As a company, Elizabeth Gallo is always trying to find ways to grow. We believe by doing so, as a team, we can always meet the expectations of our clients. This is why we are constantly showing how clients can depend on us. However, one may ask, what makes Elizabeth Gallo a reliable Court Reporting? Well, we believe there are several reasons to that question.


Reliable Court Reporting


Reasons Why To Depend on Elizabeth Gallo:

  1. Our Court Reporters are part of the team. In other words, they are not contracted, they are EGCR Employees. This also includes our Videographers!
  2. We offer high-end quality services at affordable and competitive prices.  Thus, We seek out to always make sure our clients are receiving our services in top-notch shape without having them break their budget.
  3. We offer Process Serving Services. At Elizabeth Gallo, you can request a Court Reporter and Process Serving from us! Saves you time!
  4. Our Office is more than just of office; It is a place to have depositions at! We offer fully equipped rooms to reserve for your next deposition.
  5. Weather is weeks in advanced or last minute, we are here to help you with your deposition needs.

Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week

Here at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, we love to explore Legal Apps to help create balance for our clients and colleagues working in the Legal Industry. Thus, we understand some tasks can be overwhelming to complete. Today, we explore an app that can assist with some of these tasks. For example, easily managing your to-do’s to make you feel less stressed.


Court Reporting Clients Elizabeth Gallo


This week’s Legal app is Wunderlist

This app is a simple one, but very practical to use. Wunderlist makes it easier to oversee your to-do’s at work. It does so by easily sorting your tasks on your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Additionally, makes it possible to add sub-tasks, notes, comments, and files to further help manage your day-to-day assignments. Lastly, you can share to-do lists and assign to-do’s with colleagues.

Wunderlist can be downloaded for free on any iOs, Windows, and Android devices.