Videoconference In-State Discount Atlanta & Augusta

Save five hours of drive time by utilizing EGCR’s special in-state discount for videoconference depositions between Atlanta and Augusta*.

Save travel time and money by utilizing our in-state discount. We are now offering a special videoconferencing rate of $150 an hour total, which includes two locations.

Rate of $150 an hour includes the conference room in Atlanta and Augusta and the use of HD Videoconferencing.

Both locations include:
>> High-Definition Videoconferencing
>> Convenient Location
>> Free High-Speed Wi-Fi
>> Seating for Six Comfortably
>> Copying/Scanning/e-mailing Services
>> Ability to Send Laptop Content**
**Please schedule in advance

To schedule, simply call us at (404) 389-1155 or
schedule online at

Videoconference In-State Discount Atlanta & Augusta

Atlanta Location:

Augusta Location:


* Special Rate: Atlanta & Augusta $150 an hour. Rate is based on