Download the free DepoView Ipad app.

Here is the link:

Then you will need to import the .DVI file into the DepoView Ipad app

You can do this one of two ways, through Dropbox or through ITunes.


Log in to your Dropbox account.

Upload the .DVI file into DropBox

Then open the DepoView Ipad app.  It will ask you to link the app to your Dropbox account.

Then you can select the .DVI file from your Dropbox account and it will play the video along with the transcript in the DepoView app


Download the .DVI file onto your computer.

Connect the IPad to your computer

Open ITunes

Once ITunes sees the your IPad is attached , it will list all the apps that are loaded onto it on ITunes

There should be a tab that says APPS.

Once in the Apps tab , find the DepoView app in ITunes

Drag the .DVI file from your computer into the DepoView app on ITunes

This will import the file into the app on the Ipad

Disconnect the IPad from the computer

Open up the DepoView app on the Ipad, and it should show that it was added