How We Are Different

Feeling the difference

The industry of court reporting is one that over time has fallen into a norm that seems to be unavoidable for many members of the legal world. They are expensive, their work is time-consuming and many view the requirement of hiring court reporters as drudgery that is nothing more than a necessary annoyance. This is what happens when no one comes along and attempts to innovate. Elizabeth Gallo has founded a court reporting firm that is working to change all of these negative perceptions of the reporting industry.


Leveling the Playing Field

Many people assume that dealing with big law firms and even bigger clients is a situation that will not lead to success. That’s because these enormous entities have vast resources that can be put to use to advance their causes. This perceived advantage includes court reporting services that can provide cutting-edge technology and fast turnaround time. Smaller law firms have traditionally struggled to match this level of performance.


Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC is working to change all of that. Ms. Gallo has built a firm that clearly prioritizes substance over style. She and her team work to keep internal costs to a minimum and then to pass those savings onto their own clients. They can incorporate all of the technological advantages into their services without driving costs to the point where they are not affordable. This provides an opportunity for smaller firms to build the strongest cases possible.

Doing It Right Inside and Out

Ms. Gallo also believes that the way that you treat people will be reflected in both the products and services that are ultimately provided. The team at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC has decades of collective experience. This means that they can work where they want. They choose to work here because their working environment is positive and supportive. This leads to happy, driven and motivated court reporters whose sole priority is to provide their services at impeccable levels.


The same ideal holds true for clients of Ms. Gallo’s firm. They work to ensure that their clients are provided all of the services they need at a cost level that is reasonable. There is no built-in overhead that is passed on to firms that need court reporting services. There is no hiding of the ball, so to speak, in terms of how these court reporting services will be provided. Everything is laid out ahead of time and that’s exactly what happens as cases move forward. All of these efforts have provided Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC the opportunity to be honored as a participating member of the Court Reporters Integrity Council.

How We Can Help You

If you are in need of the help of court reporters but you are tired of the needlessly expensive, inefficient ways in which this industry has traditionally operated, it’s time for you to make a change. Contact Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC today to find out how we can help you streamline your own legal practice while providing you with the records that you need to achieve positive results in your cases.