An Explanation of Standard Services

Attorneys prefer to hire Georgia court reporters that can provide a variety of different services and benefits. Every case is different and every attorney’s needs are likely different as a result. The team at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC has decades of collective experience and we understand what it takes to provide the type of help that our clients may need, even on a moment’s notice. Below you will find 10 aspects of what we refer to as our ‘standard’ services, even though most people who have worked with us consider the quality of these services to be anything but standard.


Turnaround Time

We are committed to providing you with accurate, high-quality transcripts. Our typical turnaround time for deposition transcripts is 10 business days; other types of proceedings or audio/video requests typically require 15 business days. If there is a specific deadline for receipt of your transcript, please inform us at the time of scheduling or make use of our Expedited Services to ensure that you receive your transcript as soon as possible. To provide you with the highest quality products, we reserve the right to modify these deadlines if needed.

Online Repository

  • View Real-time Interactive Online Calendar
  • Schedule/Cancel/Reschedule Court Reporters, Videographers and/or Interpreters
  • Order Transcripts
  • View Transcript Shipping Tracking Details
  • View/Print/Pay Invoices
  • View Payment History Details
  • View/Download Archived Transcripts
  • View/Download Archived Exhibits in Searchable pdf Format
  • Video in Standard, Sync and iPad Sync Formats
  • Submit Support Tickets

24/7 Transcript/ Exhibit Availability

We upload our transcripts and exhibits to an online repository that is secure and easy to manage. Our clients can simply download the transcripts and/or exhibits when they’d like to make use of them.

Hyperlinked Exhibits

We provide our clients with a searchable electronic transcript with the embedded exhibits hyperlinked. The embedded OCR’d exhibit files within the electronic transcript can also be searched with Adobe’s Advanced Search tool.

High-Functioning Electronic Transcripts

Download our free PDF_Transcript_Attorney_ Quick_Reference and get the most out of your transcripts. Some features include hyperlinked word index, embedded files, ability to make notes.

Format Flexibility

We can provide our clients with a transcript for their review in any format that they desire.


We provide videographers, video edits, and the final product in DVD or synched format. Parties who order video media will also have the ability to stream the actual video from the depo on the repository.


Clearly, some cases require the testimony of witnesses who may not speak English very well. We provide interpreters for when these situations arise.

Pre-Discovery Storage

Any attorney will tell you that documents and other forms of evidence are gathered before discovery begins. We can store that information for our clients.

Superior Customer Service

Our aim is to provide the very best customer service, customer experience, and company culture possible.


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There are several other types of services that we can provide for our clients, and anyone who needs the help of Georgia court reporters should be able to rest easy that their needs will be met. The team at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC has a long history of not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations and needs of our clients. If you have any questions regarding our standard services or you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your case or cases, all you need to do is contact us to obtain all of the information you need.