Interpretation and Translation Services

Interpretation and Translation Services

Do you need a certified interpreter or translator for your next legal, medical, or technical matter? Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting offers certified interpretation and translation services. Our services aren’t limited to legal proceedings such as depositions and court hearings; our team is also available for conventions, business meetings, medical consultations, or anywhere else you may need. Interpreting and translation require experienced professionals and incredible accuracy because mistakes can be costly.

Do I need an interpreter?

You may need an interpreter for several reasons:

How an interpreter can help you:

Scheduling an interpreter ensures that complex or technical terms and concepts will be translated clearly to all listeners. But how exactly does an interpreter help your deposition or other event? Here’s how:

Consecutive and Simultaneous interpreters are also available.

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting uses certified interpreters when available or requested. Georgia only has certified interpreters for the following languages: Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Haitian-Creole, and Vietnamese.

Let us cover your interpreter needs:

Our certified interpreters handle more than 150 languages across multiple fields.  If you need an Interpreter, please contact Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting today.

Do I need a translator?

You may need a translator if you need to share written documents internationally and they need to be translated to or from the English language.  You may need translation for a legal proceeding, a medical matter, an educational need, or for business and marketing materials. Translation services can help you maintain effective communication with international clients, legal and government agencies, business partners, employees, or consumers.

How translation and transcription can help:

We translate documents for legal proceedings (such as immigration and court), and academic use (certified). Business and technical translation is also available. Here are just some of the types of document translation and transcription services you may need:

Our expert team has been providing translation services for over 30 years and our translations are guaranteed for use in international service.  We have provided certified translations for Immigration Services, universities, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Our translation services are handled through our sibling company, Ancillary Legal Corporation. As an Elizabeth Gallo-owned and operated company since 2018, you can expect the same exceptional degree of accuracy, quality, and customer service. Submit your documents for a free quote or learn more here.