3 Reasons Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC Is Minimizing Paper Use

3 Reasons Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC Is Minimizing Paper Use

We live in a much different age than we did even 20 years ago. We don’t really write our friends and loved ones letters anymore, but instead we send them emails or text messages. Perhaps we’ll post something nice on their Facebook profile. Overall, it seems like people are using a lot less paper than we used to. That said, have you ever taken a bit of time to think about just how much paper is wasted with the piles of junk mail that you throw away every day without even looking at it? The point is that we still use a lot of paper, and in many ways it just doesn’t make any sense.

The Georgia court reporters at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC, obviously work in a field where mountains of paper have been the norm. Even that is changing, though, as the introduction of technology has made it easier to avoid wasting paper. We’re not claiming that we’re trying to save the world here – we have selfish reasons for working to minimize the amount of paper that we use. Below are just three reasons why our team is working hard to minimize if not someday eliminate our use of paper.

1. Waste
It was mentioned above that an enormous amount of paper is wasted on things like junk mail and the like. If you take a look around your office, take notice of how many waste cans are filled with some type of paper. All of this paper needs to go somewhere, and many times it winds up in a place where it will be of no use to anyone. Recycling is getting better in terms of our ability to reuse materials, but the amount of waste associated with paper is astonishing. Studies show that every person in the United States uses 749 pounds of paper every year. That has to change.

2. Cost
Paper seems like a cheap thing, as it’s thin and easily torn and shredded. If you ask any office manager or business owner about the costs associated with paper, you’ll get a much different answer. Many people in these positions believe that paper is the single most wasteful expense that appears on balance sheets of different businesses every year. Someone has to pay for that paper. Fortunately, the costs we’re saving by minimizing our paper consumption will be passed on to our clients.

3. Efficiency
There’s a reason that traditional mail has come to be known as snail mail. That’s not only because it can take days for a piece of mail to arrive at its destination, but the people who are preparing that mail to be sent also need to take time to get it out the door. Our team is invoicing our clients in electronic form unless they request otherwise. That just makes things easier and faster, as emails arrive almost instantly and things can be handled immediately.

We are always looking forward at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC. We do so not only because it makes us feel good, but because it helps us operate on a higher level, it leads to better service for our clients and it cuts costs for everyone involved. If you’d like to know how we can help you, contact us today to learn more about our services.


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