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5 Reasons We Are Moving Towards Searchable PDFs for Our Transcripts

Obviously, Atlanta court reporters compile a lot of documentation in every case they work on.  In the old days, meaning before the Internet, these documents could take up entire rooms and take hours if not longer to sift through if you ever needed information from an old case.  The choice for litigators in this situation. Continue reading…

Taking Your Transcripts to PDF – Litigators Eliminate Hours of Busy Work

When a litigator needs to review the transcript of a deposition, hearing or trial in order to be prepared for a subsequent proceeding, that attorney has traditionally faced a difficult choice.  He or she can either spend hours upon hours poring over a paper transcript looking for useful answers or that attorney can ask staff. Continue reading…

Opportunity Knocks – Statistics Reveal Huge Opportunity for Young Court Reporters

Court reporters work in a profession that presents an interesting dichotomy.  Many people see them as the old and traditional human component of a courtroom, typing away diligently so that every word that’s uttered can be properly put on the record.  Others see them as almost a new way of creating a record, as using. Continue reading…

The Demand for Court Reporters Is Growing Quickly

Court reporters are people who many may assume are becoming less and less important over time as we move further into an era where seemingly everything can be handled by some form of technology. While there has been an effort to incorporate recording devices on a more regular basis into courtrooms and deposition rooms, the. Continue reading…


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