When a litigator needs to review the transcript of a deposition, hearing or trial in order to be prepared for a subsequent proceeding, that pdf-icon Taking Your Transcripts to PDF – Litigators Eliminate Hours of Busy Workattorney has traditionally faced a difficult choice.  He or she can either spend hours upon hours poring over a paper transcript looking for useful answers or that attorney can ask staff such as a paralegal or a clerk to do the same.  The first option sucks up a lot of time that could be spent doing other things to prepare and the second option leaves open the possibility that something might be missed during the review.  No one looks forward to reviewing transcripts, but it is a necessary task for obvious reasons.

The Georgia court reporters at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC have been working with litigators for several years, and we listen when they tell us about what they dislike.  We are not techies in the sense that we can come up with some new tool that eliminates all of this pain, but we make sure that we pay close attention to those who can.  Based on a recent article that appeared on the American Bar Association Web site, it seems that there are tools that could help to put the drudgery of reviewing paper transcripts for hours in the past.

A link to that article can be found here, and our team at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC is excited to see some of these developments.  We are particularly interested in the ability to make use of tablet PDF readers.  Taking this step could completely change the way that litigators review depositions and other types of transcripts, and this capability even allows for direct links to exhibits and the word index.  With the search functionality already a part of many of these packages, time is saved and answers are quickly found.

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC is already jumping into the technology world in as many ways as possible.  We are engaging with a software company that will allow us to convert all of our transcripts to the PDF format.  Doing so will allow our transcripts to obtain compatibility with apps, readers and other functionality that will make the jobs of litigators easier by simply saving them a ton of time.  We’re going to keep taking these types of steps whenever possible.

We’ll keep you posted on some of the new things that are coming about that will make the entire legal process easier to manage, but this is one step that we are excited to take.