Amanda’s App Pick of the Week continues this week to overcome those challenging days with some apps to help deal with stay informed about the world efficiently! 


Pocket is a delightful app that allows you to save an article, or a video you have come across, but do not have time to check it out at the moment.

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Pocket allows you to sync with other devices, so you will have your article saved anywhere you are at. Another feature Pocket has to offer that a user can save articles and/or videos from various sources such as Safari, Twitter, e-mail, Facebook, and such. Additionally, Pocket has unlimited storage, so you can save as many articles and videos as you like!

Pocket is free to download both the Apple and Android devices.



Instead of looking for what is going on in the word through various media sources, Inoreader brings various media outlets into one single place.

file-2-169x300 Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week


You can monitor different news feeds about different topics in one app rather than jumping around to different pages. Inoreader also enables a user to save pages to look at a later time. To further its usefulness, this app automatically sorts through feeds that have been red and feeds that are unread.

Inoread is available for free to download for Apple and Android devices.