5 Already-Realized Benefits of Our Georgia Court Reporters Going Green

5 Already-Realized Benefits of Our Georgia Court Reporters Going Green

As you’ve hopefully heard by now, Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC is going green.  We’re doing so for many reasons, but we’ve been at it goinggreenlong enough now to have obtained a better understanding of just how it changes the work our Georgia court reporters provide for you for the better.  Below you’ll find five specific examples of how our clients can and should benefit when our court reporters do what it takes to minimize the amount of paper that we use in our practice.

1.  The Environment

Some people place more importance on the environment than others, but no one really wants to hurt the environment or purposely cut down millions of trees.  We’ve found that we are already saving on paper usage, but this also helps the environment in other ways.  We’re not going to need as much storage space as we used to, and neither are many of our clients.  That saves on costs for storage, fuel for delivery and obviously on supplies.

2.  Speed

It used to be that some court reporting firms would need some time to put together paper transcripts such that they were ready to be delivered to a client.  The Georgia court reporters at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC, were always extremely fast with our transcript delivery, but nothing can match the speed of technology.  In many situations, we can have an electronic transcript ready to be reviewed and studied within a matter of hours if necessary.

3.  Access

Before all of this technology became so available, court reporters used to work with courier services and shipping vendors to make sure that their transcripts were delivered promptly and accurately.  At this point, our firm can have your transcripts ready as soon as you are able to log onto the Internet and view them through our secure connection.

4.  Savings

It’s not uncommon for court reporting firms to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, per year on paper alone.  The Georgia court reporters at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC, are already seeing lower costs because of our ability to deliver transcripts and other information electronically.  We’re not only saving on paper, but we’re also saving on shipping supplies and shipping costs as well as worker hours spent preparing our transcripts for shipping.

5.  Cost Savings Passed-On

At Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC, we have always worked to lower our costs, but we have also always looked to pass those cost savings onto our clients.  We are doing that with our move towards the minimizing of paper usage, and we know that those who work with us will appreciate what we’re going in terms of the bottom line.

Overall, we’re very satisfied with the progress we’ve made with regards to minimizing our usage of paper.  We’re going to keep looking for ways to move towards a greener court reporter practice.  If you’d like to learn more about our services, contact Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC today for prompt answers to your questions.

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