Here at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, we love to explore Legal Apps to help create balance for our clients and colleagues working in the Legal Industry. Sometimes our crazy work schedules make it hard to talk with our colleagues. Today, Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week will explore an app that will make communication in the office clear as crystal.

Fotolia_111822205_XS Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week

This week’s Legal app is Slack


Slack is a chat app that can be used on a computer or cellphone. Thus, you can reach out or be reached wherever you are at. Additionally, you can message or call anyone in your team.

Slack also allows you to integrates your workflow by being compatible with dozens of productivity programs. This chat app creates space for customization and organization based on preference. For example, you may break down chat groups based on topics, projects, or any other issue that is relevant to your office.

Lastly, Slack instantly indexes and archives conversation, which makes searching easier.

Slack is available to download on iOs and Windows.