Here at Elizabeth Gallo, we love to explore apps to help create balance for our clients and colleagues working in the Legal Industry. Thus, we understand while maintaining our personal agendas, work can become intense as part of the process. Thus, some responsibilities, such has maintaining your CLE credits can be overwhelming. Today, we explore an app that can assist with your CLE requirements.

Legal-Apps-Elizabeth-Gallo-Court-Reporting-Atlanta-Law Amanda’s Legal App of the Week


This week’s Legal app is LawLine CLE

LawLine CLE is a fantastic app that assists with your CLE requirements. It allows you to take CLE courses online via tablet and/or mobile device. LawLine CLE’s catalog offers over 900 CLE audio courses on any law topic. Additionally, the app allows one to download and listen while offline. This app even shares the ability to stop, save your spot, and pick up where you left off.

LawLine CLE is available for any iOS and Android device.