Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week

Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week

Amanda’s App Pick of the Week continues this week to overcome those days where not only firms, but Court Reporters too are faced with frenzied filled schedules.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 Last Message

Ever had a moment when your cell phone has a low battery, but there is still a couple hours left of the day?  Last Message is an app to help you with minor crisis as such. This app enables users to sends notifications to colleagues and/or family that their phone battery is low and will be unable to reach.


This app runs in the background while monitoring your battery life. Additionally, it enables users to setup who receives their message and what source to send it from (i.e. twitter, e-mail. Text, and Facebook). Last Message also provides the ability to customize your “last message”.

Last Message is free to download and available for Android.



Any.Do encourages the productivity element in the kooky agendas of users. It does so by managing one’s daily tasks, big assignments, and minor to-do’s without feeling overwhelmed.


Any.Do allows users to ease the pressure of big projects/assignments by breaking it down into smaller tasks. What further makes this app extremely useful, that it will remind the user to never forget a task by allowing you to customize it to remind you when at a specific location.

It further  demonstrates its usefulness through a feature that allows one to share their to-do’s with fellow colleagues. Also, it provides users the opportunity to call, text, book a trip within the app itself.

Any.Do is available to download for free for the iPhone and iPad.



Since many of us are always on the go, it is crucial to keep track of your mileage. With MileIQ, it grants the capability to automatically detect you are driving and start recording your miles.


MileIQ is easy to navigate since implements users to classify drives as a personal or business related, by simply swiping left or right. Another highlight is that this app provides features that permit one to add extra details, such as, a user’s car model and notes about a specific drive. Furthermore, MileIQ automatically creates monthly reports that are directly sent to your e-mail.


MileIQ is free to download but only permits 40 drives a month. However, they have paid tiers: such as their monthly tier which includes unlimited droves for $5.99/month and their annual tier that includes unlimited drives for $59.99/year. MileIQ is available for the Iphone and Google Nexus.


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What Clients Say

Thank you so much.  I am so happy with your service.  Truly, I am a client for life.  You guys know what it means to make me feel special as a client, and not just a number.  Thank you so much.

R. Bexley

“Our firm has used Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting on two occasions. I am extremely impressed with their level of professionalism and ability to get a deposition done for us in a VERY short period of time. They were very professional and most of all responsive to any inquiries I had. Joanie and Heather both left lasting impressions on me!”

L. Martin

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K. Simpson

“My attorneys spoke very highly of your services. They definitely want to use your services. Good job.”

D. Gunnells