Amanda’s App Pick of the Week continues this week to overcome those challenging days, but with a fun a twist.



Expense reports are often time consuming and tedious tasks. This is where Expensify comes to save the day. Available for both Android phones and the iPhone, this app will make the process of creating an expense report easier and quicker to accomplish.

IMG_5452-169x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week IMG_5452-169x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week


Expensify offers the ability for you to take a picture of your receipt, and it will automatically upload it. Once it is uploaded, the app will add on the extra details and thus, saving you the hassle of adding in all the numbers and dates! Another cool feature this app has to offer is that once you have the expense entered, it will provide you an option to categorize it and then add it to your monthly expense report.

IMG_5452-169x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week


Expensify features the ability to allow a user to keep track of expenses that concern the issue of time. For instance, it will allow you to enter your hourly rate and how many hours were worked. Once you have entered those extra details, Expensify will automatically create the report including the details you have entered.  Additionally, Expensify provides the option to keep track of mileage expenses.

This app would be extremely useful to anyone who works on expense reports on a regular basis!


Pokemon Go

We are often caught up with the endless cycle of being an adult. However, there are moments that call for some much needed leisure time. This is where Pokemon Go comes in!

Pokemon Go allows you to become a real life Pokemon trainer by exploring your surroundings. This amazing app’s purpose is to have the user catch Pokemon in real life settings. Also, it lets players stock up on needed items such as, Pokeballs, revival stones, and potions by walking around in your neighborhood and “leveling up” or by stopping at a Poke Stop, which could be a church or a mural in your local pizza spot.

IMG_5452-169x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week


While capturing Pokemon, it allows you to name them, which makes the player feel as if the Pokemon truly belongs to them. This only adds to the flare of fun and character this app has to offer.

IMG_5452-169x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week

Additionally, what makes this game even better, is that it has a feature where you are trying to catch a Pokemon, it gives the user the option to use their actual settings as the background. Thus, making you feel like a real Pokemon Trainer!

IMG_5452-169x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week


Lastly, once you have reached Level 6, the game allows the player to pick a team among three options to join: Team Valor, Team Instinct, Team Mystic (The best team) as you make your way to be the Greatest Pokemon Trainer. Overall, this game is really fun and very interactive, even as an adult. So do not be ashamed, instead play it and become the very best!

IMG_5452-169x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week