Amanda’s App Pick of the Week continues this week to overcome those challenging days, with some multitasking and reference apps!



Available for both Android and Google phones, DriveMode offers the ability to use your phone with their “no look” interface. This involves users to navigate their phones through its voice command features. This app is particularly useful for those always in their cars and access everything via cell phone.

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DriveMode allows you to play music, access your favorite navigation app, and respond to messages while driving. It also features a Bluetooth capability to only further its reliability for users. Additionally, it features a “Do Not Disturb,” which it ignores all forms of contact and produces an auto-away message to those trying to contact you.

drivemode1-185x300 Amanda’s Legal App Picks of the Week

DriveMode is free and is accessible with many of your favorite apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Spotify, and Waze.


Law Dictionary & Guide

Law Dictionary & Guide is a useful app to use in regards to legal terminology. It is a quick to reference if someone is unsure about a legal term or reference. This app’s availability includes over 14,000 legal term references.

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This app also features the ability to bookmark certain legal terms for even quicker access. Also, Law Dictionary & Guide features access to hundreds of legal articles and FAQ’s, which include law journals and outlines.

The Law Dictionary & Guide app is free to download and available for the iPhone.