Here at Elizabeth Gallo, we love to explore apps to help create balance for our clients and colleagues working in the Legal Industry. Thus, we understand while maintaining our personal agendas, work can become intense as part of the process. Thus, some tasks, such as exhibit and transcript management can be overwhelming . Today, we explore an app that will help you overlook crucial documents in one place and at any place.

Legal-Apps-Elizabeth-Gallo-Court-Reporting-Atlanta-Law-300x167 Amanda’s Legal App of the Week

This week’s Legal app is iAnnotate.


iAnnotate is an app  that allows you to look and write up on various documents like exhibits. This cool app works with all kinds of documents. This includes PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, IMAGE, and Web files. Also with iAnnotate, you can access documents through iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Box.

This user friendly app also comes along with other neat features. For example, if using an iPad, the app automatically senses your pencil for instant annotation. Another cool feature is that it allows an user to easily zoom or scroll with their fingers without having to deal with pesky switch tool options.

What makes iAnnotate even more useful, that it features of a variety of annotating tools. These tools involve pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamp, straight line, notes, underline, strikeout, date stamp, and more. It also lets users save their markups, which can be seen by outside parties.

Lastly, iAnnotate works well with Elizabeth Gallo’s Repository Software, YesLaw.

iAnnotate can be download on any iOs device for $9.99.