Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting Legal Apps for Atlanta Attorneys

Sometimes working in the field of Law, life can be fast, busy, and very overwhelming. This week’s edition of Amanda’s Legal Apps explores a possible solution to help maintain the hectic schedules of Attorneys, Paralegals and other related professionals.

This week’s app: Clio

Today we will explore the program, Clio. The application Clio helps firms manages every part of their business with easy and fast ways to use it.

Clio allows Attorneys, Paralegals, and other Legal Professionals to track time and billing for their legal services. Thus, the reason why Clio is easy to use because you can access it anywhere! It can be used at home, in the office, or on the road. Clio can be explored on a desktop, tablet, or phone. Also, Clio lets users sync with both Google and Outlook and merges other applications. For example, apps like FastCase, Microsoft Office 365, and Quickbooks can be used through Celio.

Clio prices start at  $39 per a user/month.