Here at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, we love to explore Legal Apps to help create balance for our clients and colleagues working in the Legal Industry. Sometimes our crazy work schedules make it hard to talk with our colleagues. Today, Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week will explore an app that will you make your research needs easier!

Fotolia_111822205_XS Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week

This week’s Legal app is HeinOnline


This particular app makes life easier when dealing with research. HeinOnline offers a large database for your legal news. It’s database contains more than 2,400 sources to look into. These sources vary from Congressional to Federal Agency sources. Additionally, this app includes useful features such as “Scholar Check,” in ensure it is quality source.

Overall, HeinOnline offers a variety of useful features. For example, sources are PDF friendly, sources have clickable links, and lastly, you can bookmark your favorite documents.

HeinOnline is free to download on any Android and iOs devices.