Amanda’s App Pick of the Week continues this week to overcome those challenging days, with some apps to help with citation and quick referencing Blue book standards!



IWritingLegal is a particular app that is useful for those who struggle with writing legal documents. IWritingLegal aids in the process by creating checklists to overcome writer’s block.

CourtReportingLegalApp-169x300 Amanda's Legal Apps of the Week

This app also features writing tips for a variety of legal purposes. Additionally, it thoroughly assists in the process of revising, editing, and proofreading legal documents.

IWritingLegal is available to download for free on the iPhone.


Cite-Checker App

Cite-Checker App is an excellent app to use if you are working in the legal field. This awesome app provides a summary of Blue Book guidelines and provides examples demonstrating those guidelines.

CourtReportingLegalApp-169x300 Amanda's Legal Apps of the Week

This easy to access reference app covers a variety of Blue Book topics for legal professions to review. These topics include federal and state cases, federal and state statues, secondary authorities, punctuation, quotations, and how to use short hand forms.

Also, this app continues to be reliable through its “on-the-go” feature, which allows quick referencing for citations for legal memorandum and briefs.

Lastly, this app is available to download for $3.99 on the iPhone.