Here at Elizabeth Gallo, we love to explore apps to help create balance for our clients and colleagues working in the Legal Industry. Thus, we understand while maintaining our personal agendas, work can throw us some curve balls as part of the process. These surprises can catch us off guard, for example, having a client who does not speak the same language as you. Today, we explore an app to help any Legal Professional with these last minute issues.

Legal-Apps-Elizabeth-Gallo-Court-Reporting-Atlanta-Law Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week


This week’s Legal app is Speak and Translate

Speak and Translate is a voice and voice to text translator. This app is quite particularly useful since it can be use offline. However, it only translate up 10 languages offline. Otherwise, this app can translate up to 117 languages in text and 54 for voice.

Additionally, the app saves all of your translation if needed for reference. Speak and Translate also features Apple Speech Recognition, which is how it can save all your history and synchronizes across all of your Apple devices.

Speak and Translate is available to download for all iOs products for $19.99.