Amanda’s App Pick of the Week continues this week to overcome those challenging days with some apps to help deal with time and stay productive! 

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an app to help you maintain productivity. For instance, this app provides detail reports that show how much time you have spent on various websites or applications. Additionally, it breaks down your time in categories, ultimately showing you how productive you were and how you can improve to meet your goals.

rescuetime-300x206 Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week

This useful app enables users to set the goals they want to meet and to stay productive. At the end of every week, Rescue Time will give a user a Productivity Score. The score represents how well the user has maintain being productive throughout the week.


Resume Time is free to download on Android and Apple products.



Clear is another app to help one reach their goals and stay on the road of productivity. Clear helps users complete their to-do lists by categorizing and organizing their tasks.

rescuetime-300x206 Amanda’s Legal Apps of the Week

Even if you are away from your phone, Clear syncs with all of your devices so you can keep track with your priorities from anywhere. Lastly, it sends you reminders of upcoming assignments.


Clear is available to download on the iPhone for $4.99.