Amanda’s App Pick of the Week continues this week to overcome those challenging days with some apps to help you start off the New Year with helping you reach your resolutions! 

Couch Potato to Running 5k (C25K 5k Trainer)

The purpose of this app is to help beginner runners to be conditioned to successfully run a 5k. This app does so by creating a plan that involves the user to run three times a week, 30 minutes per a session, for eight weeks.


What further enhances this app is that it features an audio coach to guide users through the eight week process.

Also, this app features the capability to work with other GPA apps such as Nike+ and allows users to listen to their music preferences such as iTunes and Pandora.


Yoga Wake Up

Yoga Wake Up is an app to help you wake up to a yoga sequence rather than your obnoxious alarm clock.

Every morning, Yoga Wake up will start your day with a sequence different from the day before. At times the app with offer a sequence focusing on strength, mediation, or stretching. Each sequence is only 10 minutes long.



Both Coach Potato to Running 5k and Yoga Wake Up are both to download for free on the iPhone.