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Things to Consider When Deposing an International Witness

Deposing a witness is a headache. There is coordination, fees, preparation, and numerous other things to consider. Deposing an international witness can be even worse. In addition to the standard procedures you have to undertake, there are other things to consider as well. What are the internal laws of the witness’s home country? Do you need an interpreter? Must you first submit a request through the Hague Evidence Convention?

While difficult, international depositions are by no means impossible. Proper preparation, like every other stage of litigation, is the key.

In addition, here are some helpful things to consider:

  • What local laws are there where the witness is?
  • Do you need a visa for you and the court reporter to perform the work in the foreign country?
  • What oath requirements are there?
  • Do you have to make travel arrangements for a diplomatic officer from a consulate?
  • Can you compel testimony if the witness is unwilling?
  • How can you reserve a location? Can this be done by video-conference?

Some countries strictly forbid pre-trial discovery, while others allow it in limited circumstances. Further, if the country is a member of the Hague Convention, that adds another layer of difficulty.

Certain processes can be used to get evidence without a deposition. Things such as letters rogatory and letters of request can be used. Thankfully, if you only need documentation, this is a much easier procedure. But, they can be time consuming and expensive.

However, you can tailor requests to your needs. It is important to talk to an expert in this area to determine what is right for your situation. Preemptively, the client should be warned that a substantial expense is forthcoming. Finally, be careful to not go on a fishing expedition.

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting Acquires Ancillary Legal Corporation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        October 19, 2018

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting Acquires Ancillary Legal Corporation

With the new acquisition, Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting is offering more services, including
nationwide and international process serving.

ATLANTA – Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting continues to expand its services with its recent acquisition of Ancillary Legal Corporation. Ancillary is a reputable Atlanta-based litigation services company, which provides law firms from all over the world with full service legal support. Together, the two companies offer top-notch, start-to-finish litigation services.

“Our acquisition of Ancillary Legal Corporation will boost our services and create convenience for our clients,” said Elizabeth Gallo, Owner of Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting. “Now, law firms can find all of their litigation services housed under one roof.”

With the new acquisition, Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting’s clients have even more services to choose from, including nationwide and international service of process. Clients can also take advantage of extended services such as skip tracing, obtaining evidence abroad, intake services, court filing, legal videographers, video editing, videoconferencing, translation services, asset searches, investigative services, trial preparation, and trial presentation services. Litigators who need court reporting services can depend on Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting for a high level of performance at competitive prices.

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting is ready and available to help law firms streamline their legal practice by quickly and professionally providing them with the services that they need. The company prepares precise and clean transcripts with a fast turnaround and provides exceptional customer service. Clients can take advantage of online scheduling and they are granted secure online access to files through the company’s portal.

Over the last several years, Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting has expanded to include additional legal services. Now, EGCR will offer even more services with the purchase of Ancillary. To schedule litigation services, visit

About Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting has worked with law firms of every size and has produced accurate and timely transcripts with exceptional customer service. Since EGCR was founded in 2006, the company has handled relatively simple and extremely complex matters of litigation with a high level of performance. The team of qualified court reporters has worked on various cases including patent law, personal injury, medical malpractice, construction litigation, insurance disputes, business matters, contract disputes, employment law, family law, worker’s compensation, and more. Visit to learn how Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting is transforming the litigation services industry.