What is Live Internet Deposition Transcript Streaming?

Live Internet Deposition Transcript Streaming Depositions

What is Live Internet Deposition Transcript Streaming?

With our skilled and highly trained staff and with modern electronic and internet technologies, Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC., can provide live deposition transcript streaming. This can allow remote internet viewing of real-time transcription text for those not attending the deposition being taken. This service can also be coupled with remote attendance and participation at the deposition via the internet visual/audio feeds. Most law offices are already equipped with the necessary machines, software, and internet connection services. Live internet deposition transcript streaming will function with PCs, MACs, and many mobile devices as long as audio/visual software or apps are installed (like Adobe Flash Player). Our service also includes, after the deposition is completed, a standard transcript that is certified and provided in various desired formats.

What is Live Deposition Transcript Streaming?

Live deposition transcript streaming is the near-instant translation of a stenographer’s shorthand into text language that is instantly available via the streaming feed. Under current technology, the court reporter’s stenograph machine is linked to the court reporter’s computer. Through specific software, the stenographic shorthand keystrokes are computer translated. This will include page and line numbering. This, then, can be ready within seconds to be seen, in draft form, on computers and/or devices logged into the live stream.

How Live Deposition Transcript Streaming Can Be Important.

There are a number of obvious advantages to live deposition transcript streaming. Probably the most important is the ability to confirm — nearly instantly — the accuracy of the textual transcript and the ability — before the deposition is finished — to correct any mistaken transcription of words or to correct any other errors or confusions. How many times does the focus of questioning get lost or confused during an extensive set of objections and on-the-record arguments between the lawyers?

During a deposition, as a matter of course, short breaks are taken to allow lead counsel to review notes and to confirm with support members in attendance. That is, of course, very helpful. But, with live deposition transcript streaming, that ability equally extends to those not in attendance but who may be following the deposition through live streaming. In effect, live deposition transcript streaming can multiply a lead counsel’s support staff. That can make all the difference in ensuring a complete capture of the deponent’s information and an accurate deposition transcript setting out that information.

In this manner, live deposition transcript streaming can be cost-effective since it may help avoid having to schedule a second deposition session.

Live deposition transcript streaming can also make it possible for a litigation team to meet court-imposed deadlines. Indeed, live deposition transcript streaming can make it possible to do the impossible. For example, sometimes, briefs and pleadings MUST be filed by, say, 4:30 TODAY. It is possible, through live deposition transcript streaming, to start a deposition at, say, 11:30 (or even later) and still be able to get the quotes, page/line citations, and page copies into the brief by the filing deadline.

Speed may also be needed where multiple depositions are scheduled in a brief window of time where it is important to quickly know what the successive deponents have said.

Even when such speed is not necessary, it can often be very helpful to have very quick access to a deposition transcript for co-counsel, clients, legal assistants, and others.

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