While facing an extremely busy schedule, paralegals want the process of scheduling for depositions to be completed easily and swiftly.

logo1-300x67 Easy Scheduling at EGCR

Here at EGCR, we offer several services one can schedule for, which include Court Reporters, Legal Videographers, Videoconferencing, Portal Web Conferencing, Conference Rooms for Depositions and Certified Interpreters.  In addition to our variable services, EGCR makes it easy to schedule by providing you several ways to do so!:


logo1-300x67 Easy Scheduling at EGCRE-mail: You can e-mail a notice to [email protected]

logo1-300x67 Easy Scheduling at EGCRCall us at our direct line: (404) 389 -1155

logo1-300x67 Easy Scheduling at EGCRVisit us at our website: www.GeorgiaReporting.com/Schedule



Once you have completed a successful deposition with us, we offer the ability to view final transcripts and exhibits through our secure web portal at www.georgiareporting.reporterbase.com/attorney.

Lastly, EGCR confirms all appointments via e-confirm and always verifies the appointment the day before a scheduled appointment.