Fotolia_12490974_S-150x150 EGCR's Portable Web ConferencingEGCR’s Portable Web Conferencing solution is an easy and low-cost way to depose witnesses in other locations.

EGCRs Portable Web Conferencing represents a major step forward because it includes automatic firewall traversal, as well as audio-priority and freeze-resistance that can handle unexpected network congestion without dropping the call or losing audio. Moreover, EGCRs Portable Web Conferencing requires no equipment (other than a laptop) for maximum portability.  As a result, attorneys will now be able to attend any deposition from anywhere.

It’s Easy to Get Started:

Step 1: EGCR will need all attendees’ contact info: names, IP address and/or e-mail addresses, and phone numbers.

Step 2: EGCR will coordinate a test prior to your event where all parties can test connectivity.

Step 3: On the date of your event, all parties will sign into the web conference.  EGCR will provide all necessary tech support during your event.


 Questions?  Call (404) 389-1155.