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Legal-facts-court-reporting-videography-300x212 EGCR’s Fun Legal Fact of the Week

On June 30th, 1906, the Federal Meat Inspection Act was made into law after the discovery of poor conditions in the meat industry. These unacceptable conditions included, but not limited to, unsanitary settings during the slaughtering process and the use of poisonous chemicals in products.

The Federal Meat Inspection Act insured such activities would be dissolved and improved conditions in the meat industry. The law itself was defined to make sure all red-meat items and red-meat products would no longer be mislabeled. Also, the law stated that it would enforce meat companies to have their slaughtering processes to be set in sanitary conditions.

Over the years, the meat industry would have more laws embedded onto their line of work as way to make sure American consumers were not purchasing tainted products, such as, the Inspection of Poultry in 1957.