Here at Elizabeth Gallo, we love to explore apps to help create balance for our clients and colleagues working in the Legal Industry. Thus, we understand while maintaining our personal agendas, work can become intense as part of the process. Thus, some responsibilities, such has maintaining your CLE credits can be overwhelming. Today, we explore an app that you can use to refer for legal terms and sources.


Fotolia_111822205_XS Elizabeth Gallo's Legal App of the Week


This week’s Legal app is Law Dictionary & Guide


Law Dictionary & Guide is a great app to use when needing to refer to legal terms, definitions, and more. The app contains over 14,00 legal terms and vocabulary. Additionally, it includes over 600 abbreviations.

This cool dictionary app makes it easy to search and browse for certain words and terms. One can explore the app offline as well! Lastly, and to further sweeten the deal, Law Dictionary &  Guide also features law journals, outlines and other legal sources.

Law Dictionary & Guide is available to download on any iOS and Android device.