In today’s fast paced business environment, we are often faced with competing deadlines.  This is where the plan of proper time management comes into play.

At EGCR, we understand time is a sensitive resource and that it must be managed correctly. With that in mind, we have established some strategies to follow to help you utilize your time more productively.

timemanagement_1600x900-300x169 Embracing Time Management

  • It is important to always establish a schedule on a daily basis. This can be done on your phone, e-mail calendar, an agenda. By doing so, it will force you to prioritize all of the daily work while managing corresponding deadlines.


  • Having your schedule available in multiple sources is useful if you are away from the office, you can see what you have planned for the day.


  • Always schedule time for interruptions such as last minute meetings or errands that need to be done that same day. By doing so, it will not affect your progress on other assignments and projects.


  • Please schedule a break or a lunch! It gives you time to decompress from your day and provides you a mental break. By doing so, it will ultimately refresh your mind and allow you to finish your day with a bang.


  • While establishing your schedule, assign all assignments and appointments a specific block of time. This will only be effective if you honor the given time for your particular assignment or appointment.


  • It is always a good idea to start your idea with e-mails that can be quickly answered or with tasks that can be quickly resolved. This will save you time and let you focus on tasks that are more dependent on time.


  • If your schedule faces tasks that you work on a regular basis, create a check list. It will ensure you will not make any errors and avoid having to spend extra time resolving your mistakes.