Everyday Skills of a Good Court Reporter

Everyday Skills of a Good Court Reporter

 All Court Reporters have a specific set of qualifications and skills. Reporters assert these skills in order to be a good and reliable Court Reporter.


These are some everyday skills a Good Court Reporter Follows:


Time Management & Punctuality

A reliable Court Reporter will always show up at least a few minutes before a scheduled deposition. Additionally, a Court Reporter will be mindful to manage their schedule in order to have efficient amount of time to work on transcripts and accept other assignments.


Proper Attire and Being Assertive

A Court Reporter will always attend a deposition wearing a professional outfit. Also, not only will they be dress for the job, but their behavior will exemplify their professionalism. For instance, a Court Reporter will need to speak up during a deposition in order to take down what is being said correctly.


Paying Close Attention to Detail

Once a deposition is said and done, the Court Reporter now must work on creating a transcript. During this process, a Reporter will be paying close attention to proper grammar and punctuation to ensure the transcript is accurate.




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What Clients Say

Thank you so much.  I am so happy with your service.  Truly, I am a client for life.  You guys know what it means to make me feel special as a client, and not just a number.  Thank you so much.

R. Bexley

“Our firm has used Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting on two occasions. I am extremely impressed with their level of professionalism and ability to get a deposition done for us in a VERY short period of time. They were very professional and most of all responsive to any inquiries I had. Joanie and Heather both left lasting impressions on me!”

L. Martin

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L. Johnson

“We are very happy with you guys and will continue to use you for all future depositions. Thank you again.”

K. Simpson

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D. Gunnells