Fotolia_89868637_XS-300x300 Five Video Conference Deposition Tips


Have Exhibits Ready: It is important to make sure to inform EGCR and we will assist in lessening the amount of time used to reference them during the deposition.


Distractions: Remember everyone can see everything you and the witness can see. Thus, keep it mind to avoid eating, and chewing gum during the deposition. Additionally, make sure there are no other distractions in the background, such as pictures or passing cars.


Properly Record Exhibits: While displaying your exhibits during the deposition, make sure to hold them up so everyone in the Video conference can see them clearly.


Time: It is important to remember different time zones may play a part in your deposition and you will need to plan accordingly if so. Also, make sure you are punctual and arrive early!


Check The Connection: EGCR will reach out to you in order to make sure your connection is good to go a day before your deposition. You do not want to encounter any issues at the start of your Video Conference Deposition.