The idea of driverless cars is popular, but these vehicles do not come without issues. While some hope they will bring about less stress,  others fear the risks outweigh the rewards. The largest concern for these cars? The risk of accidents. We are unsure if these vehicles will be able to drive during traffic in real time. When a crash does happen, who is to blame? Possible defendants could be the manufacturer up to the person who bought the car. There are no laws created for driverless cars, thus, there is no straight answer


Autonomous Vehicles (AVs)

While driverless cars are not completely independent just yet, that is the car industry’s goal. Right now, these cars are created to have little human interaction. Some driverless car features include cruise-control, self-parking, and anti-lock brakes. The United States does not yet allow the production of fully driverless cars. Part of the reason is that vehicles must follow up to about 70 different safety guidlines under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Large car companies such as Volvo, Mercedes, and Tesla are working on creating fully self-driving cars.

Who is at Fault in an AV Crash?

According to supporters, one of the benefits of driverless cars is the idea of limiting car accidents. For example, problems like speeding and drunk driving, two of the leading causes of car accidents in the nation, could be greatly limited. These cards, however, are still in the testing phase in many states, like Texas and Washington. In fact, there have been cases in which driverless cars have crashed.

Current law has its focus on human drivers. The driver operating the vehicle is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. Drivers are required to be in their right mind and in good health to legally get behind the wheel. It is not sure if drivers will be able to completely hold thier driver’s responsibility to a driverless vehicle.

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