The definition of success is relatively subjective, but it does not mean one cannot strive for success on a daily basis. By asserting yourself to do small things every day, the results will lead you to not only being more successful, but feeling successful.

Key-to-Success-300x199 Habits of Success

At EGCR, we have put together a list of daily habits that will add more success to your life and ultimately making your feel more accomplished:


  • Prioritize a Daily to-do List: Create a list of things that need to get done within the next two weeks. Do not just include work related items, but also errands for the home (i.e. cooking four times time a week) or obligations to yourself (i.e. going to the gym three times a week).
  • Remember Names: Do not just remember the names of colleagues or your friend’s name. If they tell you the names of their loved ones, remember it. It will have a meaningful impact in the long run.
  • Make Small, but Meaningful Statements: Try to define yourself on a smaller scale of things. For instance, wear dinosaur socks to work, always fix up your hair, etc.
  • Wake up Early and Exercise: Start your day off with a burst of calorie burning energy. By waking up early and hitting the gym, you do not only boost your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day, but you have more energy than on non-gym days.
  • Talk and Mingle with Your Team: It is important to have a friendly work culture in order to maintain and meet goals for the office. By talking to your colleagues on a formal and informal level, you create a solid team bond.
  • Eat Breakfast: Eating breakfast in the morning is always important. Do not start your day on an empty stomach, it often will lead you to having low energy levels and obstructing you from reaching your full potential at the office and at home.
  • Unplug: After work or on the weekends, commit to activities that do not involve the computer AND that will keep you away from your phone.
  • Read Before Bed: It will not only reduce your stress levels from the day, but it will help maintain your cognitive skills.
  • Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff: It is important to not let meaningless comments or actions of others get in the way of your day. Let it go, and remember what is important!
  • Seek Out Advice: By seeking out advice from others, such as mentors or friends in the same field as you, it will help you continue to grow and keep your mind open to new perspectives.