Fotolia_123818865_XS-300x200 Interpreters in Depositions


 While it is important to ensure all resources, such as a Court Reporter and a Videographer to be booked prior to a deposition, there are times when you will need additional resources. For instance, there will be moments when the person being deposed does not know English. This is where the need for an Interpreter becomes vital for the deposition.

Now the question is, why is it important?

  • It is crucial for everyone in the deposition to understand what is being said regardless of the different languages spoken.
  • The Interpreter makes it possible for the statements being said by the deposed individual to be taken down in English by the Court Reporter.
  • By having an Interpreter available, it provides greater opportunities for the witness to share the information and/or knowledge they have obtained in order for Attorneys to move forward with their case.

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