While they may appear to be similar, Legal Videography and Portal Web Conferences are both extremely different. Although both services are different, Legal Videography and Portable Web Conferencing are extremely useful for a deposition. Here at EGCR, we have created a list of what makes each service its own and how it is beneficial for legal professionals.

Web-Conference-Legal-VideoGraphy-300x278 Legal Videography vs. Portable Web Conferencing

Portable Web Conferencing 

  • Portable Web Conferencing offers the ability to hold different depositions from different individuals at different locations.
  • This service is useful since it allows attorneys and other parties involved, to attend depositions at any location, at any time without the high cost of travelling.
  • A plus side is that an attorney does not have to waste a lot of time traveling to different states or cities to attend a deposition that might not even take all day.
  • Portable Web Conferencing requires little resources other than all parties to be present and a laptop.


Legal Videography

  • It requires a certified Legal Videographer.
  • A Videographer will come to the location of deposition and they set up their station to record.
  • The main purpose of hiring a Legal Videographer is to allow attorneys to record the depositions of a witness.
  • The beneficial perspective of having a Legal Videographer is that by recording a deposition, it provides the opportunity to not focus only on the words that are spoken, but also the demeanor and actions of a witness.


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