Maintaining A Happy Workplace

Maintaining A Happy Workplace

Sometimes in a workplace, employees will face moments that can have a negative impact. Thus, it is crucial to maintain a healthy, happy, and fun work environment. We at EGCR have put together tips to keep your work place positive.



Keep it Positive

  • If someone upsets you in the office, do not give them the cold shoulder. Do not take their actions personally and let it go.
  • Act on the small things: Say “Good Morning” or “Good Night”, or offer to pick up lunch for them. You may not be able to change a person, but you can be productive and generate positive outcomes.
  • If a colleague truly grinds your gears, do not say anything and simply walk away. Taking a lunch or a break during emotional moments as such, will help create less tension by providing you an opportunity to decompress the situation.


Save Your Venting for Outside the Office

  • If a colleague or manager rubs you the wrong way, do not vent to fellow colleagues. Save your venting for when you get home.
  • Venting to someone who is not part of your office circle, will not only prevent others from overhearing, but will not expose everyone to negativity.


Communicate With Reason and Logic

  • If you receive an e-mail that truly infuriates you, do not respond at that moment. Instead, please walk away and wait to reply. This will allow you to respond rationally with a positive attitude.
  • Sometimes it is important to talk things over. There will be situations where walking away is not an option.  In those cases, take a breath and view the situation from another perspective allowing you to think calmly and clearly.  Reach out to your colleague and explain to them professionally how the situation affected you and ensure they are ok as well.  There may be extenuating circumstances outside of work causing them to react the way they are at work.

Never Assume

  • Never assume a colleague intends you harm.
  • Always be open to constructive feedback.  It is not meant to be critical or a personal attack.
  • Take the time to realize things are being directed to you in a specific manner, because your colleague or manager intends to help you improve and grow.  If you are happier and more productive, everyone around you will be as well.


By responding to a negative situation in a positive and mature manner, the office environment will become a healthier and happier place!



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