Mentoring-Word-Cloud-300x155 Mentoring in the Court Reporting Field

The topic of mentoring is a subject that can be applied to every industry, including the world of Court Reporting. If an experienced Court Reporter takes on the role as a mentor, it can be extremely beneficial to not just the student being mentored, but also for the Court Reporter and ultimately for the Court Reporting field itself.

Some of the main benefits of mentoring include:

  • By mentoring a student, you establish a networking relationship, which can benefit the Court Reporter and Court Reporting firms, such as EGCR.
  • The experienced Court Reporter becomes a crucial tool in the student’s progression in becoming a Court Reporter:
    • By encouraging the student reporter when facing challenges.
    • By providing useful tips and advice.
  • The relationship is also beneficial for experienced Court Reporters:
    • By staying up to date with reporting subjects and guidelines.
    • By exercising their current skills and staying in touch with technological advancements and industry standards.
  • Court Reporters provide students with opportunities to observe the workplace and as they move forward in their respective programs, it allows students to gain actual experience using their skills.
  • By mentoring, Court Reporters are ensuring that the industry will be strengthened through well-trained and educated reporters, thus ultimately leading to dependable and accurate Court Reporters.


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