The term of “Organized Chaos,” is often associated with negative connotations. However, there are great attributes to being an employee or employer who embraces the concept of Organized Chaos.

3b3ab4ee8fb74f91fa893e75f1564f31-240x300 Organized Chaos and Why it is a Good Thing

At EGCR, we have created a list why Organized Chaos has its perks:

  • Organized chaos will always thrive.
    • Being chaotic yet organized allows individuals or teams in the office to define their order of workflow and ultimately establish sense of ownership when they successfully meet their goals for a task or project.
  • It promotes creative principle rather than a previously established work structure.
    • Employees do know what needs to get done, however, organized chaos it gives them the freedom to establish their own frame work which ultimately allows an employee to become more personally involved with the assignment.
  • It will provide an opportunity to learn and communicate among your teammates.
    • Organized Chaos allows freedom for employees who generally embrace a structured work flow.
    • It might inspire those who are skeptical of Organized Chaos  open up to establishing their own creative yet productive identity in the workplace.
    • It can create a better line of communication and production between the employees, since it will allow both parties to learn new methods.
  • Less Stress by “Winging it” 
    • The ability to worry less about how to approach the process and put all of your focus on the outcome will result in less stress for the employee since they are primarily concerned with meeting goals rather than managing the process to get there.