25-Best-Funny-animal-Quotes-and-Funny-Memes-.-227x300 Positive Thinking in the Office

Sometimes our daily struggles in life make it difficult to be a positive person and often influences us at the workplace. If we approach every day with a positive perspective, we can further our abilities to be productive. We at EGCR have established some pointers on how to be a positive person at work:


Don’t confuse the notion of “letting it go” with “quitting”: If an idea or suggestion you have come up with gets rejected or modified, don’t fight the choice especially if it benefits the office. By being open to different ideas over your suggestions, you are being a team player and not a quitter.


Don’t have a good day, MAKE it a good day:  Start your day with words that are pro-active. For example, say to yourself, “I am going to get a lot done today!” instead of “I have a lot to do today.”


Don’t let fear overcome you: Do not be afraid to take on new tasks or open yourself to new projects. By exerting productive confidence, it will only establish you as a reliable employee.


Practice Gratitude:  When someone at work gives you constructive criticism, do not take it personally; Be appreciative that someone wants to help you improve.


Smile: By displaying a simple gesture like a smile, it will be seen as a positive gesture and it might improve a colleague’s day!