When it comes to Telephonic depositions, there is a balance of positive and negative attributes. EGCR has listed the pro’s and con’s of Telephonic depositions:

Fotolia_139036767_XS-300x200 Pro's and Con's of a Telephonic Deposition


  • It saves costs on due to the fact an Attorney does not have to travel.
  • It is a good alternative if the person being deposed traveling abilities are limited due to health or personal reasons.
  • Attorneys can be very busy, and their time is precious. Thus, a telephonic deposition can be a time saver.



  • Attorneys may be unable to see the body language and facial expressions of the deposed.
  • There is a possibility a party involved in the Telephonic deposition can experience technical difficulties.
  • Parties involved in the deposition can speak over each other, which makes it difficult for the Court Reporter to take what is down and ultimately effecting the final product of a transcript.