court_reporting_machine Real-Time Court Reporting: Why it is Beneficial

Choosing to use Real-Time Court Reporting for a case opens the doors to many beneficial possibilities for all parties involved:

  • First and foremost, Real-Time Court Reporting allows Court Reporters to instantly convert their stenographic notes to English text.
  • Since the record is instantly translated, it is automatically available to be viewed by all in the room.
  • By using Real-Time Court Reporting, it allows Court Reporters to quickly correct common shorthand mistakes during pauses and improve their shorthand skills.
  • Another upside to Real-Time Court Reporting is that during a deposition, attorneys will be given the chance to take notes and mark parts of the record without interrupting the deposition.
  • Additionally, it can save time and frustration since some points in the record may be considered as irrelevant or attorneys can highlight what pages would be crucial to review at a later time.
  • During breaks, Real-Time Court Reporting provides the chance to correct spellings of names to ultimately create a better transcript.
  • Real-Time Court Reporting ultimately results in the status of a transcript to be finished sooner rather than later due to its expedited process