Real-Time Reporting has variety of benefits that can be useful for any attorney. Here at EGCR, we have created a list of benefits why Real-Time Reporting is useful:

Fotolia_100617887_XS-300x103 How Real-Time Reporting Helps You   


  • Attorneys do not have to wait the standard turnaround time to receive a copy of a transcript; the transcript is almost ready at the end of the deposition.
  • It allows attorneys the opportunity to make annotations on the day of the deposition.
  • Real-Time Reporting provides the capability to search for keywords or highlight particular passages of the transcript to review at a later time during a deposition.
  • In depositions, it can be difficult to keep track of every word that is spoken. Real-Time Reporting allows the possibility for everyone to clearly recall and understand what is being said.
  • An opposing attorney may object to a format of a question. Real-Time Reporting allows an attorney to look back at the question and maintain the important information within the question while rephrasing the question.