Recent concern has been raised regarding the security of Zoom meetings with the onset of a new trend called “Zoombombing.” Never heard of it? Imagine photobombing, but through video conference. Possibly, with graphic content. The trend has gotten so much attention that Zoom’s CEO spoke out about the incidents on Good Morning America.  How can you keep your Zoom deposition private and secure? Below are some remote deposition security strategies to keep the hackers at bay.


Zoom meetings are set up without a password by default. Zoombombers are taking advantage of this to gain access to private meetings. When you schedule your meeting, always set a unique password for the meeting. It will be included in the invitation you sent to the other attendees.


The hackers responsible for these attacks join meeting that are actively taking place and then screen share inappropriate content, causing disruptions and intruding on your private Zoom meeting. You can combat this by locking the Zoom meeting after all the party members have arrived. This will prevent any unwanted trolls from wreaking havoc during your deposition. The host simply needs to click “Manage Participants” in the meeting, and under the “More option” choose “Lock.”


By hosting your remote deposition with
Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting you are working with an experienced court reporting firm that is familiar with multiple videoconferencing platforms and can implement these security strategies for you to keep your online witness testimony private. If Zoom is your preferred platform, we can also implement additional privacy options, including breakout rooms so you and your client can convene in private during breaks and locking down the private chat feature so none of the parties can converse during take-down without the knowledge of the group.


We offer several platform options for remote depositions. Contact us to find the best fit for your firm.