Speech Habits That Can Ruin a Deposition

Speech Habits That Can Ruin a Deposition

Sometimes poor speaking habits can make a deposition more difficult that it has to be. EGCR has established some speaking habits that need to be avoided during a deposition:



Speaking Too Quickly: It adds stress to a Court Reporter since it is difficult to take down every single word of an individual who is speaking quickly without making any mistakes

Speaking Over Others or Speaking Out of Turn: By speaking over others or out of turn, it greatly disrupts the train of thought of the speaker and can result in the final transcript being difficult to read through. Additionally, two people speaking at once can make it hard for a Court Reporter to take down the testimony

Mumbling: If an Attorney or a Witness mumbles their speech, a Court Reporter will be unable to hear them clearly and take it down accurately, thus, interrupting the flow of the deposition since the Court Reporter will need to ask for the Attorney or Witness to repeat themselves.

False Starts: Having to repeat a question several times or stuttering a question can cause confusion for the witness. Also, it makes the final transcript hard to follow and read through.


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