Trial-Presentation-300x300 Trial Presentations: Engaging the Jury

If someone is part of a jury, it is not hard to start day dreaming about other things during a trial. This can be a challenge for the attorneys involved in the case. However, by using the method of Trial Presentation, this will help attorneys keep the jury engaged.

Here at EGCR, we have listed how to make productive use of Trial Presentation services and why it is useful in captivating the focus of a jury.


By adding different devices, such as Laptops, Speakers, Document ELMO, Projector, etc., an attorney expands on the visual stimulation of a trial.

  • This provides an opportunity to visually define a case’s timeline, which can help engage the jurors into the case.

Through the use of different devices, attorneys have the capability to add graphs, pictures, and documents to emphasis on their key points.

  • By doing so, it will help jurors learn and remember these crucial points of the trial.

Although many devices are available for Trial Presentation, it is beneficial to maintain a professional presence and demonstrate one exhibit at a time.

  • It helps keep the jury’s focus on one point rather than getting lost and losing their mental involvement in the trial.

When changing points in a trial, make sure the exhibit reflects the current point.

  • This will prevent jurors from mixing up key points!


If you want to learn more about Trial Presentation Services, check out EGCR has to offer!