Video Transcript Syncing – The Next Innovation for Court Reporters

Video Transcript Syncing – The Next Innovation for Court Reporters

Technology has made things possible that people could never have envisoned 20 years ago.  At the rate it’s advancing, things that seem like they are cutting-edge now will be as obsolete as the typewriter in a short amount of time.  With regards to court reporters, technological innovations have changed the way that we do our work for our clients in just about every way imaginable.  We can now store and deliver our product electronically.  We can add functionality to it that makes it easy to use when these transcripts need to be studied and analyzed.  We can do just about anything we want at this point, all of which makes our service better.

One of the most central components of this advancement is video technology.  Videoconferencing is something that the court reporters at Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC, have immediately embraced, as it simply makes managing cases for litigators and their staffs that much easier and less expensive.  In our continuing quest to add to our offerings that are being driven by technology, our team is now able to provide something truly remarkable to our clients.  This tool is known as video transcript syncing.  We’ll explain how it works below.

Video Transcript Syncing Described

Litigators understand that back in the pre-technology days, many hours were spent poring over paper transcripts in an effort to find the passage that was needed for review.  Those days largely ended when electronic transcripts became the norm.  More recently, video transcripts of testimony became available, and this added another dimension to the analysis of testimony by way of the ability to actually see how a witness answered a question or questions.  Now we can manage these video transcripts much like we can electronic, written transcripts, but you have to work with Georgia court reporters who have incorporated this capability into their service.

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC and DepoView

DepoView has partnered with our firm to provide video transcript syncing, and that means that people who use this tool can now do the following:

  • Search testimony with keywords and watch the screen jump to that portion of the testimony
  • Cut specific video clips from the testimony and save them
  • Export clips to a PowerPoint presentation
  • Email video clips
  • Edit clips to within one-tenth of a second

These are just a few examples of what can be done.  In addition, people who download the DepoView app can do all of this from their iPad, and downloading the app is free.  It’s just that easy – you can manage your transcripts anywhere and at any time and with all of the capabilities of an experienced video editor.

As Georgia court reporters, we owe it to our clients to work tirelessly to provide them with every advantage possible.  Our new video transcript syncing capabilities are just the latest example of how we continue to look forward.  If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, contact Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, LLC, today for prompt answers to your questions.


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