LastminuteCourtReportingScheduling-300x300 Videotaped Depositions: Picture in Picture

Ever wanted to further advance the visual presentation of a deposition? Picture in Picture offers the opportunity to add more visual evidence in a deposition, while maintaining professional standards. Having the ability to use the services of Picture in Picture is not only rare, but extremely beneficial for a deposition.

How is it beneficial?

  • First and foremost, Picture in Picture demonstrates the capability to show a smaller window of camera time on a regular screen that is typically setup for regular videography services.
  • Like standard videography services, Picture in Picture can be done live on the spot.
  • It allows the possibility to project an exhibit via an overhead projector while recording the deposition of a witness.
  • Lastly, it allows the possibility to show a video while showing the reactions of a witness on the smaller window.

With that in mind, Picture in Picture is a beneficial and productive service to use for a deposition. It provides more visual stimulation for a deposition, which can be useful for the jury.

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