Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting has launched our Web-Enabled Remote Depo Pilot Program.

Questions?  E-mail us:  Web Depo Questions

How it works:

1. Local counsel to appear at EGCR’s Atlanta office, Location A.

Location A:   Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting, 2900 Chamblee Tucker Road, Bldg. 13, Atlanta, GA  30341

[su_gmap address=”2900 Chamblee Tucker Road Building 13 Atlanta, Georgia 30341″]2900 Chamblee Tucker Road, Building 13, Atlanta, Georgia 3034[/su_gmap]

2. Witness and relevant parties will appear via web cam, along with EGCR’s local notary representative when required, at Location B.

Location B:   Anywhere, USA, as long as the witness has a web-enabled laptop


  1. Save cost of traveling.   Stay in Atlanta.
  2. Use of our metro-Atlanta vetted reporters with consistent turnaround and dependable quality.
  3. Free raw footage recording in mpg format of web conference available within 24 hours.

Start the scheduling process now by clicking here.